Hey there!

Something I find immense joy doing apart from writing is to walk up to complete strangers and say HI! I’M YAA.  I ask them how they are and where they are going and I say bye. Most of the time, they are like “what the…” other times they are like” do you know me from somewhere?”….it’s all so amusing to me.  In any case, I know they end up thinking about me until of course something better comes up or they reach their destination. The question I want to believe they ask themselves is who is this girl…

Who am I? I don’t even know, I can say the usual: I’m a nineteen( going on to twenty ..soon), I’m in my junior year in college(L300 for the Ghanaians like myself)… I’m studying English and Politics…. blah blah… but who am I really? stripping all the common identifiers…I am just Yaa, I love reading, singing, acting, playing… and then I hate it. I love writing.. and then I hate it… Summary… I am just yaa..like water I fit the container I’m put in….and like water sometimes I break my bounds and cause tsunamis… I am just YAA.


20: 17 UTC (GMT )

Accra, Ghana




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